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Voron Communications
" Internet Site Development, Marketing,
Music Publishing, and More
to 'Make a Difference' in People's Lives "

Voron Communications believes in "Making a Difference in People's Lives" with the web sites we develop and the community initiatives we undertake...

  • President Neal R. Voron, author of the self-help/inspirational novel, The Obstacle Course, and an Internet domain developer who writes the Fractional Domaining Blog, seeks to make positive contributions to society with his writing and entrepreneurial activities.

  • In 2003, Voron Communications established RyKyRecords (tm) as a music label dedicated to "Making A Difference With Music (tm)".

    Songs released include: "Dream The American Dream", "For Your Dreams", "Save The Earth", "We Stand United", "For The Heroes", "Maybe Tomorrow", "We The People", "Wind Dance", "When", "Please Do Not Spam Me", and many others that inspire and entertain.

  • RyKy Records' "Spell 'Philadelphia' Civic/Educational Initiative helps students and others learn how to spell "Philadelphia", the "City of Brotherly Love", our birthplace.

  • Since 1996, we have introduced thousands of individuals and businesses to the responsible, non-intrusive use of e-mail autoresponders, a powerful Internet communications tool.

  • Also in 1996, Voron Communications launched the Night Shift Initiative web site, which helped educate thousands of shiftworkers, their family members, and employers about important lifestyle and workplace issues that affect the shiftwork community. (It was sold in 2000 to Circadian Technologies, Inc., the leading consulting and research firm specializing in shiftwork scheduling, shiftwork training, and optimization of the 24/7 workforce.)
We invite you to visit our several web sites and look forward to serving you.

Special thanks to Kaye Schonbach Axelrod, friend, multi-talented psychotherapist, artist, and founder of Nu-Visions for Disabled Artists, for permission to display her artwork at the top of this page.

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